Rackspace Training

OpenStack Cloud Training Courses

As powerful as OpenStack software is, we know first hand it takes a lot more than software to properly design, deploy and operate a cloud at scale. Rackspace offers the most extensive OpenStack training curriculum in the industry covering topics ranging from an introduction to OpenStack to Neutron networking.

Each course offers a hands-on-experience which includes multiple activities using real-world situations in a lab environment.

Understanding the Cloud and OpenStack

In this course, students will be introduced to Cloud Computing and OpenStack, a birds eye view of the OpenStack services, and how they relate to each other. OpenStack services covered in this course include: Compute (Nova), Storage (Cinder/Swift), Networking (Neutron).
Course length: 1 hour.

OpenStack Compute Essentials

This course teaches students how to install and configure several OpenStack compute projects including Nova, Glance, Keystone and Horizon.
Course length: 2 days.

The "Hello World" of OpenStack

In this remote learning course, we will introduce the common infrastructure building blocks of OpenStack, including Compute (Nova), Networking (Neutron), and Storage (Cinder/Swift), and illustrate how these building blocks work together to provide a powerful platform upon which you build your applications and services.
Course length: 1 hour.

OpenStack Object Storage Essentials

This course teaches students about the components, architecture, installation and maintenance of OpenStack Object Storage (codename Swift).
Course length: 2 days.