Rackspace Certified Technician for OpenStack-Icehouse

IT Professionals earn this certification after demonstrating the skills necessary to utilize and operate an OpenStack cloud via the command line interface.

Exam Objectives

  • Create instances from images, snapshots and volumes
  • Create networks, subnets, and routers
  • Inject user data and files into an instance
  • Connect to instances via SSH and VNC
  • Inject a keypair into an instance and access the instance with that keypair
  • Set metadata on an instance
  • Create an instance snapshot
  • Pause, suspend, stop, rescue, resize, rebuild, reboot an instance
  • Manage volumes and volume snapshots
  • Manage images
  • Manage security groups
  • Assign IP Addresses to an instance
  • View Object Storage account information
  • Set Object Storage account metadata
  • Manage Object Storage containers
  • Set Object Storage metadata
  • Set Object Storage access control lists
  • Set Object Storage container sync
  • Set Object Storage container versioning
  • Set Object Storage static web
  • Upload, list, download and delete objects
  • Create Temporary URL’s
  • Create form posts
  • List Identity Service catalog
  • Get auth tokens
  • Discover keystone endpoints
Valid For 1 Year
Price $200.00 (USD)

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